Well done to all those that were nominated for the Golden Child award for Friday 17th March 2017.

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Polar Bears - Mylo- Working hard on his handwriting, now joining and taking more care.

Penguins - Olivia - Always being a fantastic member of the class.  Pushing herself in writing and in maths.

Puffins - Meri - Very helpful, very hardworking and a very thoughtful pupil.

Turtles - Jacob - Extremely well behaved and alwys doing the right thing.

Pandas - Harrison - Change in behaviour, working hard and showing more foocus in class.

Snow Leopards - Grace - Learning from her mistakes and working well with others. Overall winner!

Blue Whales - Class - Consistent hard work and determination.

Narwhals - kassidy - Challenging herself in writing  - and also very polite and hardworking.

Tigers - Jack - Showing excellent effort and focus in recent tests.

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