Well done to all those that were nominated for the Golden Child award for Friday 23rd June 2017.

Penguins - Evelyn - excellent progress across the year.

Polar Bears - Jenna - flourishing in school, gained confidence over the year.

Puffins – Ethan – fantastic year, has been very reliable, helpful and brilliant at jobs!

Pandas – Tom – writing in English.  Fantastic historical references in Roman letter.  Always comes in smiling. Overall winner.

Turtles – Aston – recent transformation, big improvements in writing.

Snow Leopards – Sarah - application in maths when solving problems and impressive work.

Blue Whales – Simone – always works very hard and produces impressive work.  Also being a great friend and classmate.

Narwhals – Mia – very pleased when others achieve in her class and always producing work to a high standard.

Tigers – Pedro – for always having a positive attitude to learning.  Always willing to take part and join in.


23rd june 2017

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